Chinese proverb

People with great and wonderful souls are always quiet and happy. Those people who do not have spirituality are always unhappy.
The way to fame goes through the palaces, the way to happiness goes through the markets, the way to virtue goes through the deserts.
If you fear woes and misfortunes, then you are already unhappy. Those who fear misfortunes usually deserve them.
Truthfulness is the only real currency which circulates everywhere.
You can view your own drawbacks only through the eyes of other people.
Those people who have nothing to lose are very rich.
A truly kind person cannot be rich. A rich person, without question, is not a kind one.
If you can teach a person kindness and love, but you do not, you lose a brother.
Who is a good man? Only a man who has faith is good. What is faith ? This is when your will is in consent with the world’s conscience and the world’s wisdom.
Kind people help each other even without noticing that they are doing so, and evil people act against each other on purpose.
Those who know the rules of true wisdom are baser than those who love them. Those who love them are baser than those who follow them.